Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Reveal set for August 11th

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Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Reveal set for August 11th

This morning, Activision released a trailer showing off more of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s story campaign. It revealed more details about the game’s story, details and whatnot. At the same time, Activision included a few seconds of CODAW’s Multiplayer in action. By the end of the trailer, Activision also dropped the date of when the reveal of Advanced Warfare’s Muliplayer will take place. CODAW’s Multiplayer reveal will take place on August 11th, a few days before GamesCom opens in London.

What we know so far from the trailer above:

– PointStreaks return
– Medals return
– Field Orders might return
– New Weapons?
– New HUD
– New Mini Map
– ExoSkeleton abilities can stack on each other
– ExoSkeleton abilities require recharged batteries
– Killfeed placement is now on the lower left corner
– Boost Jump
– Boost Slide
– A multiplayer map that takes place underneath the Bay Bridge, or the Golden State Bridge

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